Where you investing? What is your goal?

Most of the time the nature of goals leaves goal-setters in a failure state, in which they have not achieved what they want. That, in turn, can turn them off from the goal.

You’ll have to remotivate yourself to come up with another golden egg to chase.

“Its much better to invest your energy into creating, feeding, and nursing a system that pumps out golden eggs every day. That way…you will have a golden goose that keeps making golden eggs for you”

In the Current situation, golden goose is your Real estate “Investing to buy a plot would become a golden Goose for your future“.

Where you investing

Rate Comparison:
The human tendency is always to compare the rates from one place to another, a rate comparison from city plots with village land where we have form lands in the village this is one of bad comparison the reason being form lands will not appraise or not yield returns as much as your needs.

For example, Pune side flat rates are sky-high when it compares to Hyderabad rates, those who want to invest in flat or plot they are ready to invest in Hyderabad because of the fact that per square feet price is as low as 5000 /Sq feet when compare to 10,000 plus rate in Pune.

rate Comparison

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