Buying a Open Plot on Loan?


I was actually struck with a question of what topic should I select for my next blog?  Asking myself a very basic simple question that why should I invest my hard-earned money into purchasing plots?

To answer this question all needs to think about the necessities of human society. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and so on…the first thing that human beings require a house, a place where their family to lives happily or at least to lead his/her life isn’t it?

Jumping into straight answers think about how much of world land would need in order to build houses, feed the global population and live other creatures with an average diet of the given country? We all need to understand the fact that land is remain the same there is no change in land size neither increase nor decrease, in the other side Humans, animals and other things on this earth are keep increasing.

The world population is growing at high rate. So one needs a house to stay and a place to get food that keeps land rates are increasing day by day. This will be a continuous process so do not wait to buy a plot but wait to sell. ‘There are no bad days there are only good days, great days and awesome days’.  No good price or bad price the price depends on the situation, Market fluctuations are common it is always a good price to buy a plot and a good day to invest.

Some times a particular place may not be appreciated immediately but for sure, that will come to a point of saturation after a specific time.

People are purchasing lands at Moon also this is not a joke, the sales of the lunar property have been ongoing since 1980. There were many real estate companies for those moon plot business. However, that is not our focus in this blog just want to share you the strange things in plot business.


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