Things to know in Real Estate

GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation): is basically for Municipal related activities (like Panchayats in Villages)

HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority): is basically for planning the city

GHMC (Earlier MCH(Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad)) was formed in 2007 for

  1. Collection of taxes
  2. Civic administration &
  3. Development of infrastructure in the city

HMDA (Earlier HUDA (Hyderabad Urban Development Authority)) was formed in 2008 for

  1. Giving approval for utilisation of land for various purposes
  2. Giving layout & building approval
  3. Preparing master plan for areas under its control & limits
  4. Proposing & executing urban development projects directly or through local authorities.
  5. HMDA Stands for Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority.
  6. DTCP Stands for Directorate of Town and Country Planning.
  7. HMDA have certain rules to ensure and enhance the customer confidence.
  8. In DTCP we can make a law-out with loosing a single inch of place.
  9. In HMDA we have to show the 50% of the plotted area, 20% Road area and 30% Amenities and Park Area,
  10. In HMDA roads Must be 40’ Wide and 60” Wide has to maintain.
  11. In DTCP it only 33’ Roads, No Parks and no Amenities.
  12. In HMDA we have to hand over couple of land to Government as mortgage (Once completed the venture as per HMDA instructions then it will release).
  13. If we made wrong with customer or government, government can handle the responsible.
  14. Once HMDA approve the layout, then there is no chance to change the lay-out.
  15. In DTCP & Grampanchayithy Layout you can change the layout again and again; you can sell the whole venture to other companies.
  16. HMDA Lay-out is always bit costly where as DTCP is Low cost Ventures.

HUDA used to give layout approvals but they stopped giving layout approvals after HUDA is converted to HMDA. As of now, only HMDA is authorised to approve layouts in Hyderabad.

A layout has valid HMDA approval if it has LP Number.

How to verify LP Number a valid one?

Example LP Number: 000271/LO/Plg/HMDA/2018

To verify if a layout has valid LP Number, Follow Below steps:

  1. Go to https://www.hmda.gov.in/
  2. Click on “Land Usage”(on left pane)
  3. Select “Details of Lands developed as Layouts”
  4. Click on “DPMS citizens search”
  5. Enter “File No:”or “Permit No”. Example File No: 000193/SMD/LT/U2/HMDA/12082016
  6. Click on “Search” (on left bottom of page)

Is the HMDA layout completely secure? 

Generally, it is safe to buy in HMDA Approved layouts since HMDA exercises due diligence in scrutiny of the ownership aspects as per available Land Revenue Records. To my knowledge there are hardly any cases wherein HMDA has given layout approvals in disputed sites- of course, if subsequent litigations arise ( especially in Group Housing Schemes where owners are somebody, developers are somebody, marketing people are somebody else, then there are instances where the Developer has sold off to a third party and this third party has in turn booked/sold in mortgaged area to HMDA, etc. – however, such instances are rare!) then one has to approach the court of law for redressal, etc.

So prima facie, one can be assured plots in HMDA approved layouts are secure.

What is LRS and BRS?

LRS = Land Regularisation Scheme

BRS= Building Regularisation Scheme.

LRS is for plots or a layout developed on private lands (Not public / Govt lands), with proper roads & infrastructures (like parks, playgrounds, temple, etc) and other limitations like proximity to lakes, tanks & other water bodies (Rivers, Beaches,etc) and other sources which are prone to natural or man-made calamities.

BRS is for constructed buildings which have been built without any plan approval or which has been built with an approved plan but made deviations or made additions or unauthourised constructions beyond the permitted plan, without permissions from the competent authourity.

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