Real Estate Insights After Corona Virus

Real Estate InsightsHappy new year and Sankranti to all of vbvr Projects customers. Now slowly everyone moving out of corona fear, Human beings are developing their own immunity power as well and Vaccine also available in the Market so things are back to normal slowly.

Real estate is also back to normal in fact Hyderabad real estate market was not down from last 6 months it was on hold because of the fact that all Gov activities like registrations etc. are on hold. Many were tried to purchase plots in Hyderabad as per the analysis because of the reason that they were worried about their money that put in the share market during March and April 2020 share market reached 10 years lowest levels hence many had to come out of the share market and look for Plots to invest is real estate as an alternate source for their money to invest.

In this blog I don’t want to cover the complete story about what had happen to real estate marker during pandemic however would like to touch upon all the high level points that are really useful for us about real estate.

Corona effect actually changed many things in the Human life as well as in real estate, Many customers are now looking for plots within their budget they would like to go for individual plots instead of flats because of the advantages they have seen during Corona time.

The advantages are they can LIVE separately/individually so that can avoid infected public that in Gated community have chance to get infected from others easily, individual villa have the facility to Live as per their own wish and separately. They have chance to grow their own needs of vegetables we have seen those situations how the public was panic and had not believed outside purchases and they kept washed many times before taking anything inside their house.

Between January and September 2020 real estate in Hyderabad emerged as the dominant city in terms of new launches when it compare to other prime property markets in the country.

The reason is Hyderabad IT companies, IT in Hyderabad is seen continuous growth hence the demand for houses are keep increasing and the proximity to reach any place within the city as ORR is fully functional. The city is full of opportunities for the young to come and start living and looking for new opportunities.

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