Hyderabad Skyscraper Buildings

Hyderabad Skyscraper Buildings

It is a new era for Hyderabad apartment culture as the recent approvals for constructing skyscraper buildings are going to be good sign that city is actually moving as GIGA city, one should definitely accept that this is going to be a big step for Hyderabad development and real estate. People can now get a little closer to the sky with this new towering structure rising as high as 50+ floors in Hyderabad. This skyscrapers in the city is are now been allowed across the City, GHMC was in process of verifying and approving many more such high raised more than 50 floor buildings. Apart from infrastructure development ,the state government is also preparing a plan to develop the main city of the Hyderabad by promoting the development of integrated townships outside the 160km long ORR and the RRR.

Hyderabad already houses buildings with as many as 40 floors. The permission for the more twin-block structure in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) was granted in recent times. It is also learnt that many other builders have applied for high rise structures comprising over 55floors across HMDA limits.

Sharp rise in land rates in 12 months:

Even though the stress caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted India’s key residential markets, the average rates of new projects continue to stick to their previous levels as per the data available. While there has not been any significant upward or downward movement in terms of pricing Hyderabad’s real estate markets but we can see some appreciation over time. The average rate of new housing projects in Hyderabad registered positive growth. In the coming quarters too we can see some price growth. Real estate in Hyderabad may not yield immediate benefits but investing on plots during Pandemic defiantly an advantage for long term perspective and get good returns over the time. Real estate is a safer investment than keeping in share market, you will have registered land on your name. Investing in Hyderabad, especially surrounded by ORR has real advantage as many high rise buildings are constructed and continuing their planning to invest to build many more.

In recent times many are investing on share market, share market is depends on the company performance that you purchase shares and also global market changes however one should always have that strong analysis over the stock behaviour to get out of the market, should have strong mind set to come out of market with fixed profit otherwise many cases results are negative. In share market 90% of investors are losers, only 10% will get those 90% investors money whereas in real estate your own plot will appreciate in one or two years if not will wait for another two years but you are in safe side as you have some registered land on your name.

We only required to understand and have 360 degree view while investing in real estate market where are we investing? the advantages and any developments surrounded by.

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