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The 5 things you should not miss if you’re an NRI eyeing Real Estate investment in Hyderabad!

Posted by vbvr on July 14, 2022

The changing investment dynamics in Hyderabad have led to an increase in the supply of real estate properties. This has resulted in a drop in the price of existing real estate properties. The fall in prices of real estate properties in Hyderabad is likely to continue in the near term. This scale of growth attains the interest of NRIs irrespective of economic and market uncertainties. 


Most NRIs returning to India are looking for investments in their homeland. Hyderabad with great infrastructure and an equally great environment with an affordable lifestyle is attracting investors across the country. In this article, we will explore the top five reasons for NRIs to invest in Hyderabad.


  1. A wide range of property listings Hyderabad construction and real estate industry is the best investment option for NRIs with higher ROI ranging between 12 to 20 % per annum. With the wide availability of property listings across commercial and residential, You can have your residential or commercial property designed by the best in the industry, or you can choose to have it completed by the top builders. s for NRIs to invest in properties across Hyderabad.
  2. Investments in INR As an NRI investing in India, the investments are made in INR or Indian rupees. The majority of the NRIs living in distinct parts of the world are making their earnings equivalent to dollars or pounds. If utilized perfectly, this advantage can be used to owning a luxury property with maximum earnings in shorter periods. This investment inflow will add an income advantage for the Indian economy and also help to develop markets for future gains.
  3. Affordable and quality lifestyle The major share of properties across the Hyderabad geography is located with well-equipped necessities. There are numerous facilities and hospitality advantages compared to other metropolitan cities in India. Hyderabad residential landscape pricing is still affordable and low compared to other major cities. The average pricing is about RS. 5000 sq ft to RS. 7000 sq ft which provides room for appreciation and with higher rental yields in Hyderabad will be a better option for overseas investors.
  4. Banking and Paperwork  Hyderabad is an end-user-driven market. Hyderabad has more structured registration and property-owning procedures with assistance from local governments. The real estate market service providers with exceptional industry expertise are willing to help NRIs with all the paperwork and procedures required from start to finish with 24×7 assistance.
  5. Real Estate Leverage Real estate is a tangible asset that can always serve as collateral in need. Real estate has low and in some cases negative-correlation with other major asset classes which makes it a additional benefit. Financing is readily available on real estate which provides an leverage.

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