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Why now is the right time to invest in Hyderabad Real Estate!

Posted by vbvr on September 8, 2017

Real estate in Hyderabad has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Hyderabad popularly known as pearl city has now become a leading option for investors across the country to buy and sell real estate projects. Not only does the city have a large global IT/ITES, but a major pharmaceutical and biotechnology presence also makes it shine among other places. Also, Hyderabad is situated at the intersection of three NH-7, NH-9, and NH-765 national highways and is the best connected with international and domestic transit systems. Due to its cosmopolitan ethos, cost of living, and fine network connectivity, Hyderabad has become one of the most profitable lands to invest in. which is the right time to invest in Hyderabad real estate.

According to a recent survey Hyderabad real estate has shown a 76% increase in residential sales, and it is growing by 40% in the upcoming years. Here are the factors that make Hyderabad real estate a great opportunity for investors like you.

Higher demand

With more opportunities arising due to unlimited job opportunities and infrastructural advancement, Hyderabad is indeed experiencing a boom in real estate compared to other metro cities in India. Hyderabad is now the 2nd best real estate market in India, after Mumbai. The rising demand has been attracting more investors from all corners of the world, which keep it in demand despite changing market conditions. 

Investment friendly

Investors in Hyderabad are experiencing a profitable return on their investments over the years, which makes the city a destination for future investors. Apart from new project launches and market inventory, the ready availability of financers makes it friendly to investors.

Infrastructure development

Hyderabad’s infrastructure development has always been ahead of its time. The great social life, well-connected commute networks to provide easy access to airports and every corner of the city, the well-managed power, water, other natural resources, and necessities make it most suitable for living. Hyderabad is one of the main regions most visited by tourists in southern India. Its great culture and recent developments in infrastructure make it one of the fastest-growing metro cities in the world.

Development of new locations

The development of new real estate markets within Hyderabad like the airport corridor, Hyderabad-Nagpur IT corridor, pharma city corridor, aerospace corridor, CBD and financial corridor, etc., are attracting buyers and investors. The economic growth and fastened infrastructure developments make the neighborhoods in Hyderabad more valuable than ever. Despite the market trends the transformation of current localities and increasing investments in building great work and social life infrastructure make it the best place to invest.

Government policies on the real estate

Telangana government policies and schemes along with law and order and quality governance are helping the real estate growth. Advancing IT infrastructure, creating jobs, and around-the-clock power supply have been the key to growth and development. The transparency in the land registration and documentation processes, seamless access to sale and purchase registration, and lower registration charges, make it the best possible choice to suit varied customer needs.

With the Hyderabad market booming, now is the right time for you to invest if you’re looking for more than a land to purchase. Whether you’re aiming to invest or planning to build your dream home in this city and settle down with your family, property investment in Hyderabad will fetch you good returns. Most importantly now in Hyderabad, you can contact the most renowned builders with the ability to build futuristic living experiences for prospective buyers. 

The great availability of open land plots with great landscapes and waterscapes to plan and invest in your dream venture. In spite of the pandemic, the prices in Hyderabad remind unaffected, which makes it the greatest investment. If you’re looking for an opportunity to discover the best suitable investment that you can make, we are here to help. You can contact our expert team to enquire, tour, and invest in a wide range of properties available across Hyderabad.

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