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Metro Rail Project Phase-III Expansion: Enhancing Connectivity and Efficiency

The Metro Rail Project Phase-III is a significant expansion plan aimed at revolutionizing urban transportation in the region. It encompasses the development of six Metro Extension Corridors, Metro rail along the Outer Ring Road (ORR) for its entire length, and the construction of Elevated 2-Level Corridors. This ambitious project aims to improve commuting, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance connectivity for residents and commuters in the city.

1. Phase-III Part A: Metro Extension Corridors

The first part of Phase III focuses on expanding the Metro rail network through six new corridors, spanning a total distance of 105 km. Here are the details of each corridor:

  • BHEL-Patancheruvu-Isnapur Corridor (13 km; Rs.3,250 Cr):
    • Conduct feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments.
    • Acquire necessary land and obtain required permissions.
    • Commence construction with a focus on safety and quality.
  • L.B.Nagar-Hayatnagar – Peddamberpet Corridor (13 km; Rs.4,500 Cr):
    • Engage with stakeholders and address potential concerns.
    • Optimize route design for maximum efficiency.
    • Implement a reliable ticketing and fare collection system.
  • Shamshabad in Metro station-Kothur-Shadnagar Corridor (28 km; Rs.6,800 Cr):
    • Integrate with existing transportation modes for seamless transfers.
    • Prioritize accessibility for differently-abled passengers.
    • Ensure regular maintenance for a smooth operation.
  • Uppal-Ghatkesar-Bibinagar Corridor (25 km; Rs.6,900 Cr):
    • Promote public awareness and encourage metro usage.
    • Introduce modern amenities at stations for passenger convenience.
    • Integrate with urban planning for transit-oriented development.
  • Shamshabad Airport-Tukkuguda ORR-Maheswaram X road-Kandukur Corridor (26 km; Rs.6,600 Cr):
    • Collaborate with authorities for a streamlined approval process.
    • Enhance security measures and emergency response protocols.
    • Implement sustainable practices in construction and operation.
  • Tarnaka – ECIL Elevated Metro (8 Km; Rs.2300 Cr):
    • Conduct traffic flow simulations to optimize the elevated route.
    • Integrate technology for real-time passenger information.
    • Foster public-private partnerships for funding opportunities.

2. Phase-III Part B: ORR Metro Corridors

In this part of Phase III, the Metro rail will cover the entire stretch of the Outer Ring Road (ORR). This ambitious project aims to provide convenient connectivity across the city. Key steps to implement the ORR Metro Corridors include:

  • Conducting a comprehensive feasibility study of the ORR route.
  • Engaging with local authorities and urban planners for necessary approvals.
  • Collaborating with environmental experts to minimize ecological impact.
  • Utilizing advanced engineering techniques to ensure stability and safety.

3. Phase-III Part C: Elevated 2-Level Corridors

The final part of Phase III involves constructing elevated 2-level corridors, with one exclusively dedicated to the Metro rail. The proposed routes are from JBS to Tumkunta and Paradise Junction to Kandlakoya via Kompally. The following steps are crucial to the successful implementation of these corridors:

  • Seeking necessary clearance from the Ministry of Defence for the designated area.
  • Incorporating modern technologies for efficient operations and maintenance.
  • Conducting public awareness campaigns to promote the advantages of elevated Metro rail.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to address any potential challenges during construction.


The Metro Rail Project Phase-III expansion is a transformative initiative that holds the potential to revolutionize urban transportation in the city. With the implementation of Metro Extension Corridors, ORR Metro routes, and Elevated 2-Level Corridors, residents and commuters can look forward to enhanced connectivity, reduced traffic congestion, and a greener, more sustainable future for the city.

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